Vaga de Back-end Developer PL-SR (BIG DATA AND/OR CRAWLER KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED) em Belo Horizonte - MG - Mercatório

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Postada em 11 de Abril de 2018
Quem somos
A Mercatório é a (r)evolução do mercado de Direitos Creditórios e Precatórios! Atuamos baseados em 3 pilares: - Informação: Facilitamos a consulta de informações sobre o processo judicial e as cessões de crédito realizadas. - Simplificação: Através de algoritmos criados pela nossa equipe, simplificamos o processo de análise de documentos e de compra do Precatório. - Conexão: Conectamos diretamente credores de Precatório e compradores. Além de disponibilizar uma plataforma personalizada para gestão de processos.
CLT (Efetivo)
de R$4000,00 até R$5000,00
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Mercatório ( is a upcoming Fintech born and raised in the San Pedro Valley. Our product is conquering more clients each day and we need your passion for tech to take it a step further. We are looking for a back-end developer with strong knowledge in Crawler and/or Big Data technologies. You'll be developing a product that aims to revolutionize a complex market! Want to know about our stack? - Back End: Ruby running on a AWS server. We love GIT and TDD! <3 - Front End: Angular 4; What will you do? - Be concerned about our clients needs and create productive conversations with the legal team about the product; - Take the lead on your tasks and do everything in your power to delivery it; - Workout solutions involving big data and crawler technologies; - Help us work a big load of features on the API and help us escalate our infrastructure; - Learn and share as much as you can; What you will get? - FAIR compensation and will get to choose between a PJ Contract or CLT with VT + VR; - FULLY flexible work hours; - Once a week home office possibility; - Work with a product that has complex and challenging architecture. As the product grows so will you; - Work with us to implement SCRUM and create a truly Agile environment; - We take learning very serious, so... Udemy AND Allura account with ANY course available at company expense; - Opportunity to grow fast with Marcatório. We're working to implement a vesting option strategy for our first employees in the near future; - Generation Y friendly environment (Mistake are treated as learning opportunities. We value learning and knowledge sharing, experimentation atitude and your individuality. Informal dress code); - BYOC (Bring your own computer! If you want we will provide a starter pack laptop); - Opportunity to shape the company's culture.
What you will need? - Ownership; - Degree (2y-5y courses) at the I.T field or proven equivalent experience; - Minimum of 1 year of proven experience using big data/crawler technologies; - Minimum of 2 years of proven experience as a developer building infrastructures and API's; - Domain over the Ruby is a HUGE plus; - Knowledge in Angular 4 is a plus. TDD and Scrum are pure love therefore a plus; - Experience and love for the Fintech industry is also a HUGE plus; - Intermediary English is necessary for your learning process to go more smoothly; - Experience getting your way around the documentation and the tasks without a lot of guidance; - Know how to bare a little bit of caos (It is our moment it will pass but you WILL need some resilience for now) If you think you have what it takes, join our way of work!