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Legal Tax Specialist

Postada em 10 de novembro de 2020
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Opportunity to work part time Responsible for all tax-related legal matters, including revision of tax planning as well as administrative andjudicial tax lawsuits; revision of accruals, as well as management of external law firms.Business common taxes: IPI (Excise tax), II (Importation Tax), PIS& Cofins fees, ICMS /ST (VAT and taxsubstitution), CSLL (Social Revenue Contribution) & IRPJ (Income Tax).  Responsible for all the tax-related legal matters for the companies. Act as a tax-related legal focal point for the headquarters in France. Management of tax-related legal budget and service providers, which include, but are not limited to lawfirms, consultants and auditors. Revision and alignment of tax theses and defense strategies with the external law firms, includingoccasional tax-related criminal lawsuits. Provide tax-related legal support in tax planning, including any other key project. Responsible for the whole contingency process of active and passive tax claims, including circularizationprocess conducted by the internal accounting team, law firms and external auditors. Monitor new legislations and tax-related rulings which may impact the business and the ongoing taxtheses, and, along with law firms, promote necessary risk adjustments. Report relevant tax decisions which impact the ongoing business processes or procedures, thuspreventing new passive tax issues. Support the Legal area in contract and corporate law matters which involve tax-related demands. Participate in legal and tax committees, as well as in external association committees. Support the Tax area in the event of tax audits, so that possible risk is anticipated and prevented. Coordinate with Tax area and law firms the tax assessments defense, as well as, the renew process ofCertification of Good Standing at Federal, State and municipal levels.
Desireble:  Bachelor’s Degree in Law (OAB active) Previous experience in Multinational companies or tax law firms will be a plus Knowledge in taxes is mandatory Fluent English, French is a plus. Good communication & writing skills. Ability to succinctly summarize and analyze information.
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